Get Smart – Save Money On Home Insurance

Your homeowners insurance premium may seem like a relatively static bill in your life, especially if you’ve had your property for many years. But you probably have more control over it than you think. Home insurers want to see their clients are doing everything they can on their end to protect their property. And making just a few tweaks to your home security can leave you with some extra cash in your pockets. Here are 5 ways you can save money on your home insurance:

1. Water Leak Detectors

A tiny puddle in the back of a basement is remarkably easy to miss. A sensor-based leak detector will sense excess moisture in the air and then send an alert on their mobile device. To qualify for related discounts, homeowners may need to put one in every room with pipes or have them professionally installed (e.g., utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) A Synergy Insurance expert can tell you more about carriers that offer discounts for these type of devices.

2. Burglar Alarm

Alarms play a strong role in deterring criminals, which is why you should always share your alarm certificate with your insurance company. Even if the police can’t show up immediately, they alert the authorities that something is wrong. Home insurance companies rest easier when they know their residents have protections against criminal activity. Having a monitored alarm system can discount your home insurance premium up to 15% annually depending on the carrier. Having peace of mind and saving money may make this a good option for your family. can help you evaluate some alarm systems on the market today. 

3. Fire Protection

From a central fire alarm to sprinkler systems, homeowners can set up a number of protections to keep their property from going up in flames. A SMART fire alarm will alert the homeowner of any flame detection (via a mobile device) while a sprinkler system will automatically activate in the event of a fire. Having a monitored fire alarm system that can alert the fire department immediately when it detects a blaze can save precious time and cut down on the amount of damage a fire can do to your home. 

4. Senior or Retiree

Property owners who are either 60 or older or 55 and officially retired can enjoy home insurance discounts. Retirees and seniors who live in gated communities with 24-hour security patrol qualify to save even more! From passkeys to patrolmen, these measures can go far to mitigate the severity of both man-made and natural disasters.

5. Electronic Policy

Paper isn’t free, which is why some home insurance companies will give discounts to those who sign up for electronic communications. This is a remarkably simple way to save money on your home insurance (and save yourself the hassle of filing all your documents).

Synergy Insurance wants you to save money on your home insurance whenever and wherever possible. Our team is comprised of insurance experts who are ready to help you find a quality home insurance policy and save you money! Chat with us here now or contact us to learn more. 

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