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Cybersecurity Insurance: A Must-Have for Florida’s Small Businesses in 2024

In 2024, Florida's small businesses face evolving digital threats…
March 29, 2024/by Safa

Homeowners Insurance and Your Valuables: Should I Insure My Jewelry?

When it comes to safeguarding our homes, homeowners insurance…
February 14, 2024/by Safa

Monitor Your Home for Storm Damage During Severe Florida Weather

Monitor Your Home for Storm Damage Amid Severe Florida Weather
January 8, 2024/by Synergy Insurance

Santa-Proofing Your Roof: A Guide from Synergy Insurance Group

Deck the Roofs with Boughs of Safety: Santa Edition
December 22, 2023/by Editor

Staying a Step Ahead of the Flames: Fire Safety Prevention Tips From an Insurance Agency

Our role as a Florida insurance agency stretches beyond policies…
November 7, 2023/by Editor

Autumnal Care: Navigating Fall Home Maintenance in Florida

Autumn in Florida is a subtle transition, softly nudging the…
November 1, 2023/by Sandy Ilog

How to Keep Pets Calm During A Storm

Our pets have sharp senses and can detect changes in atmospheric…
August 30, 2023/by Synergy Insurance

Top 10 Hurricane Resources in South Florida

South Florida's stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and sunny…
August 22, 2023/by Synergy Insurance

Hurricane Proof Your Roof

Preparing your roof for hurricane season involves a multi-step…
July 17, 2023/by Editor

4 Ways to Improve Your Driving Habits Today

It’s time to improve your driving habits! Sure, you…
February 6, 2023/by Synergy Insurance

How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Vacation Home

A vacation home is truly one of life’s ultimate luxuries.…
May 8, 2022/by Synergy Insurance

Spring Cleaning for Safety: Change the Clocks, Change the Plan

You've changed the clocks and been bitten by the spring cleaning…
March 10, 2022/by Synergy Insurance
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