3 Spooky Halloween Home Insurance Nightmares

halloween safety

It’s not the undead homeowners need to fear when Halloween rolls around. It’s gaps in your homeowner’s insurance that don’t cover hazardous Halloween mishaps! But that’s not to say you should turn the lights out, hole up inside, and forego the festivities. Here are three common household liability issues that arise on Halloween and how you can avoid them.

1. Trip or Treat?

The most common home insurance nightmare is a trick-or-treater taking a tumble on your property, cracking their head open, breaking a wrist, or twisting an ankle. Keep kids and parents safe by minimizing hazards that lead up to your door. This includes trimming back shrubs, evening out the lawn, fixing loose tiles, and clearing wood piles or other debris away. Resist the urge to use low lighting for a more mysterious experience. Keep lights bright so everyone can see where they’re going. If you don’t plan to hand out candy, turn your porch light off. Most neighbors know to take that as a sign you’re closed for business.

2. To Haunt or Not to Haunt

Go ahead, make your home spooky and give it the effect of a haunted house. But when it comes to actually scaring people, don’t even think about it. No jump scares. No popping out from behind bushes. Or chasing people with fake chainsaws. We hate to be a buzzkill, but homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the blood pumping risks that come with extreme shock and awe, or fear. Did you know Haunted House Insurance is a real thing? It’s true, but only amusement parks, corn mazes, zombies runs, and similar events carry it—homeowners don’t.

3. Decoration Danger

Jack-o-lanterns are a tried and true way to celebrate Halloween, but they also lead to home fires every year. If you want to line your sidewalk with lanterns and your porch with pumpkins, opt for little LED candles instead of real ones. Candlelit decorations are easily forgotten and left unattended during the festivities and can be a real nightmare. Don’t leave flames unattended and keep candles away from flammable objects like fake cobwebs and witches on straw brooms! Large lawn ornaments like inflatable pumpkins can also collapse unexpectedly, so keep them far away from sidewalks or anywhere people are walking.

homeowners insuranceWith a little precaution, you’ll have the safest Halloween yet! However, if you’re looking for more protection against the proverbial ghosts and ghouls, call Synergy Insurance Group to see how we can fill in the gaps and keep your property, home, and family safe.

It’s always a good idea to review your homeowners insurance policy to get a better idea of your coverage. The holidays are a great time to go over any questions you may have with your agent. In the meantime, our Home Insurance Claims eBook goes over the ins-and-outs of your coverage, answering your holiday-related coverage questions. Click the image to get started!