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Ensuring that you have the proper insurance coverage is our top priority at Synergy Insurance. We don’t sell “discount” insurance, but we do use the strong relationships we’ve built with dozens of Florida insurance carriers to provide customers with quality policy options that can work within your budget.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to insurance. Synergy Insurance agents take the time to learn about your specific insurance requirements, budget, and any other unique needs. We then provide you with quotes based on what you need and only what you need.

To view all of the insurance policy types that Synergy Insurance Group offers, please scroll down or click here for personal insurance products or here for business-related policies.

Homeowners Insurance

Looking for a homeowners insurance quote? Most agencies will take your address and home value and provide you with a long quote sheet listing policy options by rate. This tends to leave people confused and overwhelmed, then leads to making choices based solely on price instead of quality. After learning everything we can about you, our agents will walk you through the recommended policy and explain why those certain options were chosen. It’s our goal to answer all of your questions and provide you the information you need so that you can be confident that you made the best choice. You can get started with a homeowners insurance quote by clicking here.

Car Insurance

When getting auto insurance quotes, we suggest you fight the temptation to go straight for the cheapest option. If you’re in an accident and find yourself without the proper coverage, you could be left holding the bag for thousands of dollars worth of damages. Your Synergy agent will explain all of your coverage options in detail to ensure there are no gaps. Chances are an extra $10 per month to make sure you have the proper protection will cost much less than an at-fault accident with uncovered damages. Click here to give us a little information and start an auto insurance quote today.

Let Us Be Your Insurance Experts

Regardless of what type of insurance you’re looking for, a Synergy agent is standing by to help you. Scroll down to view all of our products. If you’re looking for general information, simply drop us a note and give us your contact info and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Personal Insurance


Right Coverage. Right Value.


Because Florida is a Sandbar.


Affordable Extra Coverage.

Landlord Protection

Protecting Your Rentals.


Protect Yourself and Your Guests.


Enjoy the Ride. Stay Protected.


Worry-Free Sailing Awaits.


Home Away From Home.


Kick-Start Coverage.

Offroad Vehicle Insurance

Off-Road Vehicle

Are Your Off-Road Toys Covered?


What’s Peace of Mind Worth?


Life Changes. So Should Your Policy.

Business Insurance

Commercial Property

You Built Your Business. We’ll Protect It.

Commercial Liability

Protecting Your Florida Businesses.

Commercial Auto

We’ve Got Your Fleet Covered.

Workers Compensation

Accidents Happen. You Should Be Prepared.

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