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Auto Insurance

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Having proper auto insurance coverage can help you get back on your feet in case your car is damaged or destroyed by an accident, fire, theft, or any other event covered by your policy. Your policy may also provide protection against medical and legal expenses caused by an accident involving your vehicle. Everyone’s coverage needs are different, so let our team of experts help you determine the best coverage for you.

Auto insurance is required by the state of Florida for every vehicle with four or more wheels. Florida is a no-fault state, meaning if you are injured in an accident, your car insurance will pay your medical costs up to your policy’s limits, regardless of who caused the accident.

The minimum requirement is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP), and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL).

In addition to covering your part of any medical expenses and income loss that result from an accident, your PIP insurance will also cover:

  • Your child and other members of your household
  • Your child, when he or she is riding on a school bus
  • You, when you are a pedestrian or bicyclist involved in an accident
  • Passengers in your car who do not have their own PIP insurance and do not own a car

In addition to the required coverage, we also offer optional coverage to insure any damage to your vehicle. This includes:

  • Collision Insurance – Collision insurance pays for damage caused to your vehicle in an automobile accident, paying for repairs up to the fair market value of your car. This coverage usually also comes with an insurance deductible, which is the amount of money you pay toward repairs before your collision insurance kicks in.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – Comprehensive insurance covers damage done to your car in some way other than collision, such as if it were stolen or vandalized. Flood, hurricane, theft, windshield damage and fire are also events usually covered by comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive insurance will pay up to the fair market value of your car (less than your insurance deductible).

If you fail to keep your vehicle insured, your license and registration will be suspended for up to three years or until proof of Florida insurance is provided.

Have an antique or classic car? Policies written for antique automobiles are unique, and policies depend on multiple factors. Find out how to get the best antique and classic car insurance policy! 

Every person is unique – talk to us today to find out how to get the best price and value on Florida car insurance.

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