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Can You Save Money On Your Car Insurance Today?

It’s easy to forget about your car insurance rates after you purchase it the first time. Autopay systems keep that bill out of sight, out of mind usually. But the truth is your rate was not set in stone when you purchased the first time, and rates can vary greatly from year to year and […]

Get Smart – Save Money On Home Insurance

Your homeowners insurance premium may seem like a relatively static bill in your life, especially if you’ve had your property for many years. But you probably have more control over it than you think. Home insurers want to see their clients are doing everything they can on their end to protect their property. And making just […]

Insurance Checkup Time

Get storm smart for 2019 In the last three years, Florida got hit with three major weather events – Hurricanes Irma, Michael, and Matthew. After living through these catastrophic storms, many homeowners felt disappointed with their insurance coverage. Some were left with repair and rebuilding costs much higher than they anticipated, others were surprised by […]

Now Is The Time For Flood Insurance

Hurricane season is winding down, so it may seem like flood insurance should be the last thing on your mind. With the immediate danger in your rearview, it may even seem financially prudent to wait for another 10 months before you even consider it. But before you declare the discussion over, keep in mind that you may be […]

5 Tips for a Fright-Free Halloween at Your Home

It’s that time of year again where little ghosts and goblins come out to play and neighborhoods take on a spooky glow. But the scariest part about Halloween can be gaps in your homeowner’s insurance that don’t cover hazardous Halloween mishaps! That’s not to say you should turn the lights out, crawl up inside, and […]

Scientists Unite to Tackle Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are a huge global issue, but you may be surprised to hear humanity won’t be plagued by them much longer. A cohort of scientists in Central America put their heads together and devised what they call, “A very simple solution.” Raul Martinez, director of the Tontos de Abril Project in Costa Rica explained, “Hurricanes […]