How to Safely Deep Fry a Turkey

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Deep-fried turkey is mouth-watering good. Home chefs everywhere are getting ready to roll up their sleeves this Thanksgiving to prepare an unforgettable meal and for many that means trying something new—like a deep-fried turkey. If you want to join the fad, take heed first—deep fried turkeys are the cause of thousands of home fires around the US every year. Avoid an accident with a little research and take the following tips to heart!

Prepping the Turkey and the Fryer

The fryer needs to be at least 10 feet away from the house and should be placed on the flattest surface you can find. Never fry a turkey on an incline.

Ensure the turkey is completely thawed and then thoroughly dried. It takes about 24 hours to thaw a turkey for every 4 pounds, so you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time. If there’s any water in the turkey at all, it will expand and cause the scalding hot oil to spill over onto the burner and start a fire.

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand at all times in case of a fire. Remember—you cannot put out an oil fire with water!

Frying the Turkey

You will not be able to leave the turkey while it’s frying (it takes about 3 minutes per pound.) Be vigilant about children or dogs going anywhere near the fryer, and appoint another (sober!) adult to keep an eye on them.

Use a fryer with a thermostat or buy one of your own, and ensure the temperature doesn’t climb higher than it should (it’s normally 350° for a vegetable-based oil.)

Finally, be careful touching the fryer as the lid and sides can become extremely hot and cause severe burns.

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