How to Drink Responsibly this Holiday Season

holiday safety

Between the food, the friends, and the festivities, it isn’t hard to go overboard on the booze during the holidays. It isn’t always clear when or where you hit your limit, so make sure you enjoy a safer holiday with a few tips for drinking responsibly.

Slow Down

We get it. Family reunions on a holiday come with their share of both fun and stress. We get together and raise our glasses in toasts, but we also reach for another drink every time Great Aunt Peg asks why the children keep throwing food at each other. If you’re drinking because of anxiety, try going outside for a few minutes to breathe and reset instead of opening another bottle of wine.

Stay aware of what you’re drinking and why throughout the day. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have, and/or limit yourself to a drink (or less) per course.

Know Your Myths

A cold shower or jolt of caffeine will not sober you up.  If you’re looking to limit the rate at which your blood absorbs the alcohol, the best thing you can do is eat.

Eating has no effect on your body after you’ve already been drinking, but it will affect your metabolism if you’re eating and drinking at roughly the same time. In other words, if you really want a couple cups of eggnog at the beginning of the party, make sure it’s to wash down some hors d’oeuvres.

Make Contingency Plans

Choose a designated driver before the party or schedule an Uber. Police officers are hyper-vigilant on the holidays, so even if you don’t feel drunk it’s likely you’re over the limit.

Driving while intoxicated is extremely risky and always the wrong choice. The problem is, once intoxicated it can seem like the right choice. “I didn’t have that much…I stopped drinking an hour ago…” the usual excuses. And why? Because calling a cab is expensive? Or phoning a friend feels inconvenient? So, plan ahead when you’re still thinking straight and keep yourself and others safe.

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