Storm Safety Center

Severe Weather Safety Center

Prepare yourself, your family, your home and pets before a major storm.

Hurricane season is in full effect and all Floridians need to be prepared for major storms. Homeowners need to be prepared for what comes after the storm as well.  You may need to get repairs done to your home, prepare an emergency plan with your family or create an itemized list of your valuables. Check out all of our helpful and important information to help make sure you’re ready for the worst.

Disaster Preparedness Tax Free Holidays

Stock up on all of the emergency supplies this year during Florida’s 2 tax free sales periods.

June 1st – 14th

August 24th – September 6th

Free Downloadable Resources

storm prep

Our FREE Disaster Preparedness eBook is designed to make storm preparations easy.

Included in this FREE eBook:

  • Step-by-step Evacuation Plan
  • Storage info for food & water
  • Emergency hotlines
  • Family Storm Education

Home Inventory Checklist

Our Home Inventory Checklist is designed to document your belongings.

Included in the Checklist:

  • Room-by-room inventory sheets
  • Itemized listing
  • Tips on safely storing checklist
  • Peace of mind

Home Insurance Claims

Our FREE Home Insurance Claims eBook is filled with scenario-based claims coverage.

What If…

  • Your child’s dorm is broken into?
  • Grandma takes a tumble?
  • Fido starts a house fire?

Filing A Claim?  Click on the button to download a list of All Carriers’ Claims Information

Severe Weather

Severe weather can happen anytime, in any part of the country. Severe weather can include hazardous conditions produced by thunderstorms, including damaging winds, tornadoes, large hail, flooding and flash flooding, and winter storms associated with freezing rain, sleet, snow and strong winds.

Know your Risk

Understand the type of hazardous weather that affects you and your family where you live:

Take Action

Develop an emergency plan based on your local weather hazards and practice your plan.

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