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Assignment of Benefits – What You Need To Know

Being a Florida homeowner can come with a lot of risks – a lot of them being weather related. During the 2018 storm season, you may need to consider getting work done on your house prior to or after a storm approaches. Before you hire a contractor, there are things you need to be aware of. Check out […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Renovations

Starting a home improvement project is exciting, but it can expensive. Home projects involve the cost of construction, labor and job materials. On top of that, improvements and additions can also cost homeowners even more in insurance. Some examples of projects that may increase homeowners’ insurance premiums include installing a pool, hot tub or even […]

Springtime A/C Maintenance For Your Home

Floridians quickly turn on the A/C in their homes without giving it much thought. Warm weather is the norm in Florida so few homeowners may take the opportunity to have their A/C unit serviced before temperatures soar into the 90’s. Although the spring might be a time for backyard barbecues or lazy afternoons on the beach, it’s […]

Is Workers’ Compensation Required?

If you run a business, you may have some small business insurance, such as a commercial auto policy or professional liability insurance. When it comes to workers compensation insurance, you may have some questions. But what about “workers’ comp”? Is it worth it? Is it required? Should you get it? Many business owners are unsure if […]

Business Insurance: Who Needs It?

Everyone knows that running a business comes with a lot of responsibility. You might have employees, a large customer base, equipment, or other assets, which could mean high liability. Even if you just provide a service and don’t require inventory or assets, such as People, Property, and Equipment (PP&E), this doesn’t mean that your business […]

How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance Policy

Finding the right auto insurance policy could feel like trying to aim at a moving target. You need to consider factors such as your own lifestyle and preferences, as well as local laws and regulations to make the right decision. Don’t rush into choosing an auto insurance policy – take the time and research to […]

Cheap Car Insurance May Not Be Affordable

Nobody wants to pay extra for auto insurance. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you make your decision based on cost alone, you could be setting yourself up for potential sticker shock and safety issues down the line. Avoid the hassle that comes with cheap car insurance, and educate yourself on the differences between […]

7 Questions For Your Home Insurance Agent

Shopping for homeowners insurance is just as important as shopping for the right home. When you’re first looking at buying homes, it pays to be in the know when it comes to home insurance, because the type of policy you can get should influence the location and condition of the home you buy. Here are seven questions and […]