Theft and Home Insurance: Are You Covered?

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Criminals are always trying to plot out their next great score. Modern times allow for frequent trips to stores or the mall, kid’s lives are filled with endless activities, and we spend a lot of time away from our homes. There are big incentives for thieves to hit empty cars or homes, and Synergy Insurance Group wants you to know more about how insurance works to protect you and your family in different situations.

Your Expensive Gifts Don’t Make It Back to Your Home

auto insuranceYou likely already know that a standard home insurance policy will cover your belongings if a criminal breaks a window in your living room and starts helping themselves to your prized possessions. But what if those gifts are stolen from your car, seasonal vacation house or the parking lot of the store? Whether you’re out buying expensive electronics, handbags or toys, you can rest easy knowing that a Synergy homeowners’ insurance policy helps with your losses regardless of where they’re stolen. However, if you’ve gone shopping with a friend and she wants you to keep her gifts in your house or the trunk of your car so they’re a surprise for her family, then those gifts would not be covered if they are stolen. So, she may be better off looking to her own attic or basement as a hiding place.

Your College Kid Comes Home

Criminals might know your college son’s course schedule better than he does. Dorm rooms have desktop computers, laptops or expensive stereo equipment in them, and when better to move in than after everyone temporarily moves out on winter or Easter break? If your child does happen to come back to an empty dorm room, you can file an insurance claim for this. However, you may end up being somewhat disappointed by the type of help you get. Each policy will have their own terms when it comes to this, but standard policies may only cover a fraction of the amount lost based on the financial value of your main property. You may want to spring for renters insurance or speak to your agent about “scheduling personal property” items for a specific coverage limit on your homeowners insurance policy.

Synergy Insurance Group makes it easy for you to speak with an agent to learn more how our policies function in the real (often messy) world. We make it easy for you to see where youhomeowners insurance‘re most at risk during every season. Call us today, so we can address all of your home safety concerns!
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