Cheap Car Insurance May Not Be Affordable

car insurance

Nobody wants to pay extra for auto insurance. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you make your decision based on cost alone, you could be setting yourself up for potential sticker shock and safety issues down the line. Avoid the hassle that comes with cheap car insurance, and educate yourself on the differences between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable.’ Here are some potential mistakes that come with cheap car insurance!

Risking Your Assets

Most cheap auto insurance policies only provide liability coverage that meets the state minimum limit. In the event of a serious accident, that amount may not be enough to cover the damage. If you’re found to be legally liable, the court could order you to make up the difference by taking money out of your savings or other assets.

Here at Synergy, our agents specialize in car insurance policies in the state of Florida. We understand the local laws and regulations better than anyone else and will give you the best quote to meet your needs and budget without putting you in unnecessary risks.

High Out-Of-Pocket Cost

A “cheap” car insurance policy usually lures consumers in with a low premium. However, a low premium often translates into high deductible and insufficient coverage. That means you could be in for an unpleasant surprise if you get into an accident and face a sizable repair bill.

Poor Customer Service and Claim Support

Providers of low-cost car insurance rarely invest in high-quality customer support. The price of their products is simply not structured to provide quality customer service or train knowledgeable agents to support their customers. Moreover, these providers often push for cheaper replacement auto insuranceparts during repair to cut cost. These non-OEM parts are often less durable and more prone to rusting. Some of them may not even meet federal safety standards, ultimately putting you and your family at risk. If you purchase cheap auto insurance, you may save a few bucks upfront but suffer the frustration, not to mention wasted time and energy, when you most need the support.

Safety behind the wheel is crucial. In case of emergency, always have the right documents on hand. Our Auto Accident Workbook has all the important information needed to file a claim, so you can take the guesswork out of your coverage. Click the image to get your copy today, and keep it on file in your vehicle!