Should Your Imaging Center Have Additional Business Insurance?

business insurance

If you run a medical business, you already know that hazards run high and it is critical to take precautions and adhere to procedure. From unexpected chemical reactions to result mix-ups, lab work and liability go hand-in-hand. You’re doing everything you can to keep everyone else safe, but are you doing enough to keep your business safe? Without the proper business insurance, imaging center owners can’t ensure their business won’t collapse in the event of an unexpected liability issue. Here are a few reasons why better commercial insurance can help protect your laboratory.

People and Property

It is crucial to protect your medical business from medical malpractice. We’re certain you take a variety of precautions when it comes to your specimens, but mistakes still happen. Improper disposal, mislabeling, and breakage are common and specimens are especially vulnerable to damage or mix-ups during transportation.

You’re also responsible for your employees’ safety. This includes anything from providing the proper equipment to safeguarding against chronic back injuries that arise from standing on one’s feet all day.

Additional Peace of Mind

More or better insurance coverage means less fear. Do more in your imaging center with less anxiety and additional peace of mind. A refrigeration system could break down or your property might need to be decontaminated, these are real emergencies in the lab world. They can be fixed if you have someone trusted to call and a customized insurance plan in place, but if not, then these emergencies become disasters that threaten your business. So, whether it’s a freak spill or a nasty lawsuit, make sure your business has the means to right the situation and get back on its feet.

business insuranceSynergy Insurance helps business owners conduct their operations in peace by helping them choose a commercial insurance plan that fits their needs. We provide honest advice about minimum requirements in the state of Florida as well as practical, knowledgeable advice for protecting your specific business. Contact us today to request a quote, and to learn how Synergy Insurance helps medical businesses run more efficiently.