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StormPeace Hurricane Protection

Protect yourself (and your wallet) from unexpected losses this storm season

Protect Yourself From Unexpected Damages

Floridians know just how unpredictable, dangerous and expensive hurricanes can be. Basic insurance policies don’t always cover expenses such as evacuating, debris removal, and food spoilage, and those add up quick! We’re now offering a supplemental insurance product called StormPeace, designed to help you get back on your feet immediately after a named hurricane. StormPeace reimburses homeowners for any unexpected losses or damages within days of a storm. Damages covered by this protection include:

  • Repairs to detached structures like sheds, boating docks, or pool cages
  • Landscaping repairs
  • Debris removal
  • Food spoilage replacement costs
  • Evacuation expense
  • Temporary housing
  • Power restoration (i.e. buying a generator)
  • even your hurricane deductible!

StormPeace is available to anyone with a personal policy through Synergy, as long as it includes wind coverage. There’s no deductible and the claims process is easy – money is transferred to your bank within days of a named hurricane. Believe it or not, the stronger the storm, the higher the payment!

Interested in adding StormPeace to your existing Synergy coverage? Simply fill out the form and one of our agents will contact you with more information. Let StormPeace give you peace of mind this hurricane season.

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